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Started a gameplay series on Nahlakh...
Tom Proudfoot's Games
April 20, 2019, 09:00:08 pm *
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Author Topic: Started a gameplay series on Nahlakh...  (Read 2063 times)
Orc Scout

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« on: September 02, 2017, 06:15:25 pm »

I've often marvelled how there is so little Nahlakh content on Youtube.

While the game is old nowadays, it still has that something special about it. Maybe it is partly due to nostalgia, or maybe there was just the right kind of mixture of every little thing about it, including the charmingly brave artstyle of ever more and more fatter dragons the older they were meant to be. Ah, limitations of... what... 16x16 pixel icons? <3

I don't know! \/:D\/

But I first encountered the game when I didn't even speak a word of English, mainly due to Pelit-magazine doing that piece about it. I've come back to it about once a decade, but I never really completed it. Not even close. Even with cheated character data.

Fraps would not record it properly, which might have contributed towards it remaining mostly untouched by old game enthusiasts when it comes to showcasing gems from ye olden times... but now that I've become more familiar with OBS as a recording tool, I felt like finally giving it a try. To try and record an attempt of playing it. A gameplay of failure, potentially - well, to be honest: likely, as in my last play attempt I only completed the first island and then got fed up with super-parrying birdmen before having my hard drive crash on me and losing my save game files on that attempt. Thus, basically a blind attempt from that point onwards. It has been over 20 years since I've been to the third island, I think...

It always seemed like such a difficult and challenging game. At times even unfairly so! Yet, now that I have recorded 4 hours of it and using mage strength, shocking weapons and priest armor with minmaxed party, it seems oddly enough fairly doable so far? Well, the whipbats will probably still wipe the dungeon floor with my guys should I get to their place eventually.

My first recording attempt did result in a humiliating failure, as my recording had stopped by the time I left character creation and entered Nedly, and I only noticed it after having cleared the catacombs under the town. Oh, well. It could had been worse.

Anyways, the first two parts are up. I'll try to maintain uploading schedule of one per day.
This links to the 1st video:
Orc Warrior

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« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2017, 09:26:45 am »

watching now. Will bookmark.
Orc Scout

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« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2017, 03:43:09 pm »

Thank you!

On a related note, in upcoming episode 74 (will be uploaded on Nov 14th, I think), I found the third Nahlakh key so far... but the thing is, that it dropped from the lizardman chief, which is not mentioned in the hintbook as being one of the 13 keyholders. That has me quite puzzled. Now, the hintbook is not perfect when it comes to explaining things accurately, but are there actually more than 13 keyholders then?

As for its code-side implementation, I am guessing that getting one of the keys just increases the key integer by one, and the Nahlakh gate just check that you have it as 13 or higher?

Anyways, Nedly island done, by episode 76!
Orc Scout

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« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2018, 05:13:32 pm »

It is strange. I have just now more or less finished pre-demon world Nahlakh in ~174 in-game days.
I 'savestated' just after the skeletal dragon / archlich fight (won on 1st try <3) in the ice

Yet, when I look at the monsters listed in the hintbook, I feel like I
have missed some content, even though I am fairly certain that I have
explored all the islands and all of their accessible non-water squares.

I can't remember meeting the following enemies that appear in it:
a swordmaster
a guard
a Royal Knight
a Black Knight
a colossus
an ice snake
killer kelp
a triton
a triton archer
a triton warrior
a triton shaman

not sure about these, don't ring a bell but can't say for sure:
a vampire, might have accompanied specters/shadows at some point maybe?
a skeletal trog - I'd imagine them to be at trogs, but I can't remember

I feel like there might even be 3 areas that I have missed entirely?

Some sort of human fortress with those knights?

Some kind of faerie tree?

Some underwater area that has the tritons in it? The only underwater
area I remember encountering was a a few rooms' long subarea in Lord
Dralkha's mad castle on the desert island?

Obviously I did not try 'E'ntering every terrain tile on the outworld
map, nor trying to walk into water squares there: rivers, lakes, coasts.
At least without an obvious enough a hint. In kobold cave there were a
few tiles of shallow water, but there were only a few tombs there.

I also feel like I may have gotten an extra(?) key from some boss that
was not included among the keyholder block, although I amassed a
total of 13 keys during my gameplay series, so not sure if that was the
case or how the code-side keeps track of keys? Does it prevent them from
exceeding 13, or did I miscalculate somewhere? Ah, I seem to have commented
on it in the post above this one.

Any hints related to me missing areas of interest are appreciated. Even
generic ones, like 'look for tritons on desert island NW corner' or something
along those lines, or 'to find faeries you have to enter a tree-tile on the
first island somewhere' etc.
Orc Scout

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« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2018, 09:25:54 am »

Finally won it, after all these years.
179 in-game days.

The most difficult part? Healing up right after entering the demon world, because the priests would fail their spells and fall unconscious and die (they had 20STR and 25HP on arrival)
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