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Your favorite non-start characters in PoWS and your team make-up
Tom Proudfoot's Games
March 18, 2019, 09:24:38 am *
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Author Topic: Your favorite non-start characters in PoWS and your team make-up  (Read 4675 times)
Orc Scout

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« on: September 30, 2009, 11:30:12 pm »

I personally like Klypti. Also Raven, because she always seemed to be in the starter group and while not the sneaky badass Klypti was she used a diseased longbow and two longswords to good effect. I also had the axedwarf (Bort? or something I think) from the goblin islands and amputated his limbs somehow somewhy. I think because I pretended he was a living cannon ball for a while and then I got bored and left him somewhere.

Your favorites?

EDIT: I forgot Pugli! He was freakin awesome! He doesn't have Klypti's killyness but it was fun watching him do greater prayer - battlerage and become a tough fighter with healing.
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Orc Warrior

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« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2009, 08:52:51 am »

I have not played in so long that I have a hard time remembering them all but I always liked Zhev, the Hobgoblibn assassin with teh two knives(at least MINE wielded two knives!). I also grew fond of the half-orc warrior(think he was recruited from that temple dungeon underneath the starter city? Might be mixing him up with someone else though. Edwin maybe?) and the goblin priest(just because he was not a human, elf, dwarf, halfling etc.). There is a human wizard/mage you can recruit that has some ungodly high magic skill when you first recruit him as well. It is also kind of fun to get the golem just because he is so big and strong and tough but his inability(or near inability) to gain experience kind of counters his benefits.

Man I am going to go start a new game right now...

EDIT: The half-orc's name is "Runk" and you get him from the starting tavern. Edwin is the human guy you can get from the temple(or beneath the temple of Zentrix). I will have to restart my game because I got two very crappy humans in my first batch.
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