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Natuk Patch 1.30
Tom Proudfoot's Games
March 18, 2019, 09:43:47 am *
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Author Topic: Natuk Patch 1.30  (Read 7078 times)
Tom Proudfoot
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« on: April 27, 2009, 04:22:14 pm »

1.30 is now incorporated into the full version zip, so this is now just a changelist:

New compiler.
Added scroll delay to the spell selection menu.

Charm difficulty increased by -20.
Two new witchdoctor spells: soul wind (-330) and disintegrate (-360).
Increased the dragon's PE.
Permanency scrolls can now be used outside of combat.
The lich should no longer hurl fireballs into walls.
Fixed bug with sometimes enchanting & recharging wrong items at stores.
Fixed bug with throwing items in quickcombat.

Fixed bug with DirectSound (was making unnecessary primary sound buffer).
Fixed bug with not killing the tax collector.
Made faerie weapons not teleport the wielder.
Non-arrow & bolt using weapons were using up ammo in quiver.
Fixed bug with resting after combat sometimes not working.

Added randomization of many of the major items found in the dungeons.
Added scrolling back through messages with minus, plus, and backspace.
Fixed bug with loading during combat and monsters then chasing you.
Fixed ST check for parrying carrying-through.
Fixed reversed movement with pg-up and pg-down keys.

Fixed bug with two-weapon attack with two throwable weapons.
Allowed click-and-hold movement with mouse in dungeons.
Message shown that indicates direction of enemies at start of combat.
Added key ('f') to center screen on last target of current character.

Fixed bug with disarming.
Prevented wandering off of world map with cursor keys.
Ending combat poisoned in outside world is no longer a death sentence.
Fixed periodic crashing.

Fixed CD still playing sometimes after turning music off.
Removed some periodic disk accesses that were annoying on slow hard disks.
Merchants are more reluctant to buy stolen items (but Weaseling helps).
Ogriant & gnome caves visibility set properly.
Feinting with throwable weapons was not working right.

Fixed bug with palace map not loading when you arrive for first time.

Fixed bug with music not playing on two-CD SCSI systems.

Help file and tutorial improvements about spellbooks.
Fixed first merchant not buying anything.
Recompiled with DirectX 5.2 to stop periodic crashing bug.

Fixes problems with Stealing.
Made gnome wizards and giant ants easier.

CD version.
Also fixes bug with loading during combat messing with quest flags.

Attempted fix for Windows NT crashing on save.
Added second goblin cave map to zip.

Added "a battle begins" message.
Fixed endless monster bumping.
Fixed monster fleeing.
Added key ('t') to center screen on last target.
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