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Title: Natuk Spells
Post by: Best on August 02, 2009, 01:13:29 pm
Hi!  I was wondering if someone could type the spell names, the difficulty of the spells, the syllables of the spells, and the spell enchant words for Natuk. :)

Title: Re: Natuk Spells
Post by: SkeleTony on August 02, 2009, 05:34:11 pm
The following list is NOT my work(author is mentioned as "edited by..." at the end).

Here is a complete list of Shaman Prayers, in alphabetical order:

Prayer Name Syllables Modifier
Accurate Weapon V-R-O -55
Animate Dead B-S-H -120
Armor T-B-Q -45
Awaken N-M-S -10
Banish K-Y-Z -260
Charm D-O-E -120
Comet Strike G-Y-X -290
Create Golem B-Y-X -275
Create Stone G-B-X -30
Creat Water G-B-W -60
Cure Bleeding N-V-C -0
Cure Disease N-G-P -45
Cure Poision N-M-P -40
Disease K-G-P -55
Dispel Evil K-S-Z -160
Earthquake G-V-X -210
Faint K-E-N -40
Firestorm G-Y-F -280
Foul Weapon V-G-P -60
Free Action N-M-N -40
Frighten K-Y-J -30
Full Heal O-Y-C -160
Hail Storm G-Y-I -220
Heal O-I-C -0
Major Heal O-E-C -55
Major Wound K-E-C -70
Mass Armor Q-B-Q -120
Mass Awaken M-M-S -120
Mass Cure M-M-P -110
Mass Fear H-Y-J -180
Mass Heal P-E-C -190
Mass Paralysis H-O-N -250
Mass Poison H-M-P -250
Mass Protection Q-M-Q -275
Mass Regeneration Q-N-C -290
Mass Turn H-N-Z -75
Mass Wound H-I-C -160
Meteor Strike G-M-X -160
Paralyzation K-O-N -55
Paralyzing Weapon V-O-N -75
Poison K-M-P -60
Poison Weapon V-R-P -75
Protection T-M-Q -140
Raise Dead T-N-M -240
Regeneration T-N-C -160
Remove Fear N-Y-J -15
Remove Injury O-E-H -100
Restore Ability N-S-T -70
Severe Wound K-Y-C -150
Stun K-I-N -25
Summon Animal B-B-H -45
Summon Demon B-Y-Z -120
Summon Dragon B-D-H -250
Summon Insect B-I-H -75
Summon Spirit B-S-Z -120
Terror Weapon V-R-J -60
Thunderclap G-B-B -105
Thunderstorm G-Y-G -250
Tornado G-V-A -300
Turn Undead K-S-M -15
Unstun N-I-N -30
Volcano G-V-F -300
Wither Arm K-C-C -150
Wither Eye K-Q-C -150
Wither Head K-S-C -300
Wither Leg K-P-C -200
Wound K-I-C -10

Note: the spell "Reduce Willpower," found in the SDAT file, had formerly been removed by Emperor Tom, so don't worry about the syllables for that spell. Otherwise, if there are any mistakes here, please post them in this thread.

Here is a complete list of Witchdoctor spells, in alphabetical order:

Spell Name Syllables Modifier
Acid R-I-R -30
Acid Ball R-L-R -240
Acid Bolt R-E-R -70
Acidic Blast R-M-R -90
Acidic Jet R-D-R -125
Air Jet R-D-A -25
Blind W-B-L -5
Blink E-O-O -55
Clone W-V-H -205
Chain Lightning R-V-G -250
Confusion I-G-E -95
Confusion Bolt R-G-E -45
Create Air W-B-A -40
Create Ice W-B-I -40
Create Fire W-B-F -90
Confusing Weapon C-G-E -90
Disintegrate I-X-G -360
Dispel Magic I-N-G -85
Drain Health I-N-H -200
Death Ball R-L-M -275
Death Blast R-M-M -150
Death Bolt R-E-M -120
Death Jet R-D-M -180
Death Weapon C-R-M -110
Drain Strength I-N-U -160
Escape E-V-O -85
Feeblemind I-N-E -70
Fire Ball R-L-F -205
Fire Bolt R-E-F -55
Fire Weapon C-R-F -70
Flame Blast R-M-F -70
Flame Jet R-D-F -100
Flash W-Y-L -60
Fog Cloud W-B-D -40
Frost R-I-I -5
Frost Blast R-M-I -60
Frost Jet R-D-I -85
Fumble I-N-V -70
Gravel Ball R-L-X -170
Gravel Blast R-M-X -55
Gravel Jet R-D-X -75
Great Acid Bolt R-Y-R -175
Great Air W-Y-A -100
Great Death Bolt R-Y-M -245
Great Fire W-Y-F -300
Great Flame Bolt R-Y-F -170
Great Fog Cloud W-Y-D -80
Great Frost Bolt R-Y-I -150
Great Gas Cloud W-Y-P -240
Great Ice W-Y-I -170
Great Shock Bolt R-Y-G -165
Great Sonic Bolt R-Y-B -170
Great Stone Bolt R-Y-X -140
Great Web W-Y-K -200
Haste S-M-V -40
Hide S-R-D -70
Ice Ball R-L-I -190
Ice Bolt R-E-I -40
Icy Weapon C-R-I -55
Invisibility S-N-L -140
Lightning Ball R-L-G -160
Lightning Bolt R-D-G -110
Mass Blind Z-Y-L -200
Mass Confusion Z-N-E -210
Mass Haste Y-M-V -120
Mass Invisibility Y-N-L -315
Mass Sleep Z-M-S -275
Mass Strength Y-M-U -140
Mass Quickness Y-Y-V -360
Quickness S-Y-V -240
Reveal W-M-L -30
Shocking Bolt R-E-G -60
Shock R-I-G -5
Shocking Blast R-M-G -85
Shock Weapon C-R-G -60
Shout R-I-B -15
Shrivel R-I-M -70
Sleep I-M-S -85
Sleep Ball R-L-S -200
Sleep Bolt R-M-S -40
Sleep Weapon C-R-S -70
Sonic Ball R-L-B -215
Sonic Blast R-M-B -75
Sonic Bolt R-E-B -55
Sonic Jet R-D-B -100
Spark R-I-F -15
Stinking Cloud W-B-P -75
Stone R-I-X -0
Stone Bolt R-E-X -30
Strength S-M-U -60
Summon E-Y-O -100
Soul Wind W-S-A -330
Web W-B-K -55

*Whew* If I made any mistakes, feel free to correct them in this thread.

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Title: Re: Natuk Spells
Post by: Best on August 04, 2009, 09:43:00 am
Thank you SkeleTony and cbarona42!  That was very nice of you. :)

Title: Re: Natuk Spells
Post by: Duuvian on September 30, 2009, 11:18:56 pm
Whats everyone's favorite spells and strategies in using them? I generally avoid direct damage spells except on weak or wounded or escaping enemies. I often use weapon enchants at the start. Mass Haste is a must, along with mass armor.

Title: Re: Natuk Spells
Post by: SkeleTony on October 01, 2009, 08:04:23 am
Yeah mass Haste is a must for me. Mass Confusion if facing a lot of dangerous enemies where I (for one reason or another) cannot afford to try charming a single enemy(which might fail anyway). Mass fear if facing a large quantity of problematic enemies(often accompanied by a single very dangerous opponent(like a BIG dragon or demon) whose loot I am not worried about missing out on. Mass Armor also.

Fumble is kind of a mixed bag for me. It is bugged(as Tom has stated IIRC) so using it is fairly exploitative but at %500 difficulty against certain opponents in certain battles...I don't feel so bad.

Mass Protection against enemies using a lot of magical or status-inducing effects.

Summons(re: Summon Demon, Summon Undead(or whatever that spell is called), Create Golem etc.) come in handy until late in the game.

Thunderclap is handy against many enemy types until the latter stages of the game, same with Earthquake. Create Water is of some effectiveness in the early game, especially against enemy casters(like those friggin gnomes).

Soul Wind is great in some instances, especially when you face a lot of weaker guys or nearly dead guys whom you can drain to heal up your party a little bit.

One related strategy that I think a lot of newer players don't pick up on is scribing. Though it makes little sense that reading a scroll only uses a single movement point(same with first aid skill/bandaging), this can be exploited to easily take out enemies far more powerful than your party. Just have your Witch Doctor scribe a backpack full of fumble, charm(there is a bug in the game in that you can scribe 'prayer' spells even if you have little or no prayer skill), Fire Weapon etc. and a single "mass Haste" and go to town!

The only thing hindering this strategy a bit is what I believe is another bug in that you cannot stack more than a few 'buffs'(Mass Haste, Mass Armor, Mass Protection etc.) on your party or the latter ones will cancel out the others. Typically if I try to cast mass haste then Mass Armor and then Mass Strength on my party, Mass Strength will cancel out the mass armor and/or the mass haste(or at the very least severely weaken it for most of the members).

Using elementally enchanted weapons against the appropriate opponents(i.e. fire weapons vs. trolls or ice creatures) is also a smart thing to do but easy to forget.

Title: Re: Natuk Spells
Post by: shiantar on October 02, 2009, 07:40:17 pm
All very good points.

Myself, I was finding (especially late in the game when spellcasting skill levels would peak) that in addition to the judicious use of Mass Haste / Mass Strength / Mass Armor, that having a pair of Shamans casting one of the 'storm' spells (icestorm, thunderstorm, firestorm, etc.) would usually take out a whole formation of bad guys, especially if none of them had magical protection.

True story -- recognizing the importance of healing spells and the benefit of there being a natural abundance of icy clubs in the game, I once played the game through eight shamans. It was a treat to walk into Zheren valley and wander around, casting Mass Turn a few times in succession and crumbling a huge formation of skeletons to dust. Ah ... those were fun times.

In addition, I was finding that there was a huge benefit to being able to summon up a horde of undead to act as a barrier between my party and some of the tougher enemies in the game.

Title: Re: Natuk Spells
Post by: Tom Proudfoot on October 03, 2009, 09:40:48 am
Yeah, there is a limit on the armor/quickness/haste type spells you can have up.  Two or three are safe, after that they start degrading.  The intent was to have you make some choices, though I'm not entirely sure that's how I'd do it these days.   :P

The mechanics are that those spells have an internal value from 1-8, based on how much you made the roll by.  Before the effects of a new cast are applied, it checks to see if you have more than two currently active, and if so, they all lose 1-6 points (random for each).

Title: Re: Natuk Spells
Post by: SkeleTony on October 03, 2009, 02:30:42 pm
Ironically though this actually leads to LESS of any 'choice' in this matter. If the spell buffs did NOT degrade then I would have to think seriously about whether to cast that Mass Strength/Armor spell or cast something else like 'Fire Weapon' or a heal spell or summoning something, etc. There are at least a dozen spells that might be more advantageous(or might not) in that situation.
But with the degrading there is no choice in the matter. I am simply not casting a third 'buff'.


Yeah I always use two shamans myself. One Ogre and one orc. I rarely stray from the 'one of each build' party even though I believe a second Orc Shaman would fare better than the sometimes berserking ogre.