December 6, 2007:
It's time for my bi-decade update. The answer to the most common question I get asked: yes, I still have Natuk CDs to sell. People ask that a lot, as though the fact that the web site hasn't been updated since 2003 means I disappeared off the face of the earth. Well, ok, I can see that. But never fear, if I ever run out of them I will take down the option to order.

So what's been happening? Since my last update -- you know, 4.5 years ago -- I've worked on many varied things. Two actually came out: Noddy: A Day in Toyland and Garfield and His Nine Lives (which I saw for sale at Costco one day, that was kinda surreal). Currently in progess is Lock n' Load: Heroes of Stalingrad, which is at that stage in a game's life when everything is mostly done except for making a zillion scenarios which probably break everything.

Other stuff that sort of fell by the wayside were a D20 Roguelike game (never could have released it anyway, so no great loss there), and a couple of Nanowrimo fantasy novels that I finished but are pretty rough. I also sadly had to take down the forums a few months back because of excessive spam (hundreds of messages a day, it was ridiculous). I've just put up a simpler one -- the forum gets more and more handy as I forget the answers to questions like, where are the 13 keys in Nahlakh? Beats me!

What else have I been doing? Oh, World of Warcraft, along with 8 million other people. Though lately I've been wandering around LOTRO, mostly because it was $10 two weeks ago. And I've also been playing in the Open Beta of Pirates of the Burning Sea, though the game's title still makes me look at it twice each time. Though at least they do seem to like to abbreviate it PotBS rather than POBS.

And, of course, real estate stuff, as some clever people figured out. So as you can see, my update here is pretty low on the priority list. But 4.5 years is excessive, I agree.

See you in six months, tops!

July 30, 2003:
I saw Pirates of the Caribbean last weekend. Fun movie. In an amazing coincidence, there is a little POWS patch on the download page, fixing that unpleasant crash when exiting the Blindren shrine.

August 31, 2002:
What's this? An Update?!?

Yes, I'm still working on Combat Leader. Yes, it's taking forever.

So I never made my riches from Natuk. I was at GenCon earlier this month with Matrix, and took along some Natuk CDs to give to various people whose work I've enjoyed in gamey fields. I don't know how many will actually play it, but handing out a fun game -- there's something to be said for that, I think. And I haven't worked on POWS since May. In the year 2000. Ah, screw it.


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