The Setting
Natuk is a game of orcish revenge. You control a party of eight orcs, ogres, and half-trolls who plot to assassinate their Emperor.

Natuk is the name of your country. A nation of violence, where the strong rule and the weak serve... or die. Natuk is ruled by Emperor Molvosh, the most cunning and ruthless emperor the nation has ever known. Unfortunately for you, you tried to kill him. Even more unfortunately, you didn't succeed.

Emperor Molvosh meted out his usual justice. Your mates and whelps were slain, the leader of the plot was flayed alive, and the eight accomplices of this pitiful assassination attempt (you) were thrown into the prisons of Jagg, never to be seen again.

But somewhere, somehow, papers were misplaced or orders misread, and you now find yourselves out on the frontier of Natuk, assigned as warriors to the most loathsome, moronic outpost chief imaginable.

But he is strong, and you are weak, and you have learned your lesson. Or have you?

The Game
Natuk is a traditional CRPG. It features turn-based combat, an overhead view, and a straightforward plot. It is in combat where Natuk truly shines... there has never been a CRPG with such detailed and satisfying turn-based combat.

You have as much time as you want to consider each move. Blows can be aimed at locations such as necks and arms to find weaknesses in your opponents' armor. Superior swordplay can disarm an opponent, or you can simply pound on his armor to beat him into exhausted unconsciousness.

Assassins can sneak behind enemy formations to strike from behind... shamans and witchdoctors can cast spells ranging from the easy and weak to such powerful spells as comet strike, banish, chain lightning, and death ball. Meanwhile, the enemy comes closer, with one goal... your death.

As you defeat your opponents, experience points are gained which can be spent on any of the thirty-eight skills. Each of the five character classes can improve any of the skills, but some are better at some skills than others. With time, however, even a stupid half-troll warrior may be able to stutter out a few spells.

From the beginning of the game, your goal is clear. Molvosh must die. But how to succeed, which dungeons to plunder, and when to strike are decisions you must make. And if you should succeed, you can try again on a higher difficulty level or with a different party composition. And many of the items you find in Natuk are randomly generated, unique from game to game.

Natuk features thirty-three dungeon areas and over 150 different monsters. There are over 160 different spells and hundreds of thousands of different types of items, both magical and mundane. Natuk runs on any Pentium with Windows 95 or 98.

The shareware version of Natuk is approximately one-third of the game. Visit the Download page and try the shareware version today!

What fans are saying.

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The Credits
Tom Proudfoot, game design and programming.
Dave Gerry, art and music.
Ian Bell, continuous testing and design assistance.
Dorothy Proudfoot, design assistance and final testing.

The contents of this page are copyrighted 1999 by Tom Proudfoot, all rights reserved.